The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy hosts seminars geared towards those with an interest in philanthropy. Our seminars are a productive learning space where philanthropic and nonprofit leaders who are Making a Difference® can discuss hot topics in the nonprofit world.

These seminars feature a key speaker (donor, author, celebrity, high profile personality, athlete, etc.) to discuss relevant issues in a luncheon setting. Our seminars are not only an opportunity to learn from an influential speaker, but also to network with nonprofit professionals.

There will be 8 seminars per year, (2 per quarter), all held in Chicago, IL. Skype and webinar connections will be available for participants who want to attend remotely.

Available package options


Access to each of the 8 seminars held within one calendar year: $350 per person, per year


Access to a single seminar of your choice: $50 per person

Questions / Sign Up

You can sign up to attend a single seminar right from this page.

If you have questions, or would like to sign up for one of the seminars, please call 773.772.2402 or email