The Power of Three

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People often say to me, “You are so lucky.” What I tell them is that yes, it might appear I am lucky. What has in fact been going on is a purposeful and strategic plan of action. I share that I achieve my goals by doing a little bit each day to get to where I want to go. It is similar to saying you want to take a trip to the other side of the continent or world. Most of us can’t just say we want to do this and then, as if by magic, it happens. Most of us have to plan the trip – determining the timeframe in which it will take place, schedule the time off from work, save money, purchase travel books, etc. We often find ourselves doing something each day towards this goal. I have noticed, though, that when it comes to achieving our dreams and personal goals many of these skills – so natural in planning things such as vacations – don’t happen naturally. This book is the result of years of working in a style and with a system that I thought everyone used. It was only when giving presentations and speeches did I begin to see the impact these “tips” were having. Throughout my talks, I would offer these ideas as “tools” to be put in the listener’s “toolbox” so that they would have them readily accessible in the future. What always amazed me was that after my presentation was done, many leaders and managers would approach me saying, “I’m taking these ideas back to my business and having everyone do them… and oh, by the way, do you have this in writing so I could share it?” I would sheepishly answer that I did not – that it was simply what I did every day to achieve my goals whether in the political world, nonprofit arena or in my consulting business practice. Over the years, the requests came often enough for me to be prompted to write this book. In short, The Power of Three provides helpful ideas on where to start, how to do the ‘hard’ things, the best way to network, when to seize opportunities and how listening just might be the key to it all. Through reading and implementing these seemingly simple strategies, your goals and dreams, both personal and professional, will be attained.

ISBN: 9781499169638

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