Interchange Optimization

Typically, Interchange is the largest cost for a charity to accept credit and debit cards. Interchange is the fee paid to the bank that issued the card of your customer/donor. A set of complex rules and data requirements determine how much a bank can charge a charity. Consequently, there are hundreds of different Interchange Rates. Failure to understand and abide by these rules can lead a charity to be subject to severe hidden overcharges, downgrades and penalties.

Institute of Transformational Philanthropy works with you to eliminate unnecessary costs and obtain the lowest Interchange rates. Our services are based on results and we only get paid if we save you money. Our solutions generally do not require a charity to change its credit card processor, its equipment or its processes. Contact us and see how we can optimize your Interchange so you can focus on your core objectives*.

*Interchange Optimization is not available for Charities with flat rate contracts.