EverThrive, IL

Lisa’s philanthropic techniques are so simple and easy to do, yet so impactful.  In a short period of time,  Lisa gained the buy-in of both our Board and staff on developing our individual donor program, and, as a result,  less than 2 weeks after she presented to our staff, we secured a new $10,000 donation!  I cannot thank Lisa enough for lighting the fire underneath our fundraising efforts.

 Janine Lewis, Executive Director, EverThrive IL


Gateway to College National Network Peer Learning Conference 2014

We will be sharing a more formal kind of thank you in the coming week around your involvement as a sponsor for the PLC, but I wanted to send a quick note to you to thank you for the warmth and energy you brought to our work this week.  People were asking me for more books and while we couldn’t budget for more ourselves, we will be encouraging people to check out your website in our conference wrap up newsletter, etc. 

Lauren J

Chicago Foundation for Women Core Concepts Workshop

I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about the workshop and I’ve attached copies of the evaluations for you to see. It was a pleasure hosting you and you will hear from me shortly with an opportunity for more in depth partnering with our grantees in calendar year 2015.

Monique B

Alliance Management Institute

I want to thank you for speaking at the Alliance Management Institute this week. I really enjoyed your presentation about how to stay happy and healthy and work in the nonprofit sector. I appreciate the time you spent talking to me after about your experience in politics and your transition into the nonprofit sector.

Lindsay S

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA)

On behalf of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) staff, thank you for your commitment to serve as a workshop presenter for the 2014 AMI. We are thrilled you were able to join us onsite–despite the terrible weather conditions, and our attendees appreciated your professional insights on key aspects of the nonprofit sector.

Padma Tumuluri
AMI 2014 Contract Project Manager