The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy’s (ITP) Training Services provide coaching to nonprofit business employees in a small group setting. Our strategies are a prime model for philanthropic leadership. We believe that acts of philanthropy should be strategic and transformational to both nonprofit organizations and individuals. Individuals will be provided with the necessary tools and support to successfully leverage resources to produce impactful outcomes.

This training provides individuals with in-depth information about philanthropy, fundraising techniques and strategies, as well as overall fundraising and nonprofit management skills. Individuals will gain a deeper understanding of the overall role of philanthropy, measuring your organization’s performance in fundraising, accountability and other topics that impact your organization’s overall fundraising capacity.

Education and training will be geared at multiple levels (board, banagement and btaff), using multiple delivery systems (conferences, seminars and coaching). ITP’s Training Program consists of the following:

  • Selected readings
  • presentations
  • case studies
  • dynamic and interactive group activities
  • guest speakers
  • access to an online resource library

In addition to classroom instruction and activities, participants will receive tools, templates and other materials to assist them in their roles with the organization.

This six (6) week class meets for 1 ½ hours on Tuesday evenings.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 773.772.2402 or email