Career Pursuit Counseling

Have you ever considered a career in the nonprofit sector?

The nonprofit field composes ten percent (10%) of the workforce, the third largest of all U.S. industries. Whether you are new to the nonprofit field or a seasoned professional, The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy can provide you with the coaching that you need to find a fulfilling career in the nonprofit world.

The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy’s Career Pursuit Guidance service offers one-time job search coaching to novices and experienced nonprofit professionals.

Services include the following:

  • Resume writing
  • Resume review
  • Cover letter writing
  • Cover letter review
  • Career counseling and advice

Fees – $350 per hour

  • Resume writing: 3 hours
  • Resume review: 1 hour
  • Cover letter writing: 2 hours
  • Cover letter review: 1 hour
  • Career counseling and advice: Hourly Fee

For seasoned professionals seeking ongoing career coaching, consider ITP’s 1:1 Career Coaching.

With our counsel, you will be empowered to find direction in the nonprofit field so that you can begin Making a Difference®.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule an intake appointment, please call 773.772.2402 or email