Boot Camps

ITP Boot Camp—Executives

2 days, Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday with one 1:1 coaching session included. The target audience is the Executive with 3-5 years’ experience, who is looking to move their career forward. The Executive boot camp is limited to 10 participants and the fee is $2500 per participant. Participants will receive 2 of Lisa M. Dietlin’s books: The Power of Three and Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits.

What you’ll take away from the ITP Boot Camp-Executives:

  • A clear understanding of the history and importance of philanthropy
  • Individual donor and major gifts outreach
  • Board and Staff Management Best Practices
  • The Power of Three and how it is best leveraged within your organization
  • An understanding of Transformational Philanthropy

Outline of material to be covered (subject to change):

  • History of Philanthropy
  • How to build a culture of philanthropy (Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs And Nonprofits)
  • How to measure performance, both of the staff and Board
  • How to evaluate the Board and changes its membership
  • How to keep the Board accountable and motivated
  • How to engage the entire organization in impactful, meaningful philanthropic endeavors
  • Where to find donors
  • Best practices for donor outreach; things that you should and should not do
  • How to deal with difficult donors
  • How and when to terminate staff
  • How to have everyone work effectively together, both in administering programs, and within the Board
  • Where you, your staff, and your board should spend their time and resources How to lead—leading by example
  • The Power of Three and how it can be leveraged within your organization
  • Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs And Nonprofits

ITP Boot Camp—Development Directors (5 Week Camp)

This camp is geared towards new Directors of Development, new Executive Directors, and others that need to formalize their approach to Development. The camp is limited to 30 participants, and the fee is $2000 per person.

Outline of material to be covered (subject to change):

Week 1: History of Philanthropy: Participants will learn about giving trends and patterns, the terminology used in fundraising, and how philanthropy will change in the future.

Week 2: Starting a development program (How to integrate impactful philanthropic outreach into your organization): Participants will be introduced to the different components of a successful Development program. This includes, Major Gifts, Major Gifts Programs, individual giving, planned giving, grants and grants management, the role of special events, staffing a development program, best practices for time management, and allocation of resources.

Week 3: Individuals (IQO): Participants will learn how to develop successful strategies and systems for a impactful and effective individual and major gifts program at their organizations. Session will focus on IQO (Identification, Qualification, Outreach), annual giving appeals, and the role of special events and major gift fundraising.

Week 4: Management (Staff, Board, and Performance measurement): Managing your staff to success as well as the Board of Directors is a key element in successful fundraising organizations. Participants will learn and become familiar with different time management systems, tools and best practices for management and supervisions of staff, and metrics utilized to measure success of your staff, Board, and programs.

Week 5: Communications, Marketing, and Social Media: Participants will learn how to connect with their past, current, and future donors using the power of social media and other technology based mediums. The role and importance of technology will be discussed – being high tech and high touch.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a 1:1 coaching session with Lisa M. Dietlin, Founder of The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy.

If you any have questions, or you want to sign up for one of the Boot Camps, please call 773.772.2402 or email